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I'm really sorry for not being active for the past 4 months. There's alot of stuff in my real life and i figured out how i earn money online without must wait for my adsense. My adsense earning isn't right and i have no idea why i can't have a good earning from adsense +_+. For the next day I'm trying to add some of my experience here with other program, not only from adsense. Well btw, nice to see u guy's.

Ahhh.. the title say it "Some Hotfile Payment Proof". I believe all of you know about hotfile. right? It's Generally is pay per download site. Why is it so popular? Here is my experience with them. It's popular because :

1. No ads on hotfile site. (User friendly interface - no popups, no adverts, no tricks)
2. High Pay Rate System.
3. Pay Weekly on monday (Epassporte,Paypal, Webmoney)

For More informaton you can register here. The good things it's really work well with me and they already pay me around 13 times on time. The latest payment just arrived today and i though i may share it to all of you.

Not Much isn't it? But it really help me a lot. The biggest earning i ever receive is below :

So if you're want to try something different then just register on hotfile and made your money every week. See U.

17 Responses to "Im Back And Some Hotfile Payment Proof"

  1. Nguyen Van Huong Says:

    Hit +

  2. furnicraft Says:

    great weekly payment then !

  3. Wishvam Says:

    nice thing and i registered on it... .. friends. thanks for your referral i think its so useful for one not earning on adsense.. nice affiliate

    also get paid for just rating articles..

  4. A.Fatih Says:

    Thanks for this as an adsense alternate.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    depositfiles or hotfile ????
    which is good?

  6. faris_jayz Says:

    I would say no to either depositfile or hotfile...ShareCash is still the best! :)

    You can checkout my latest earning here:

  7. Gaurav Mainali Says:

    thanks for the news theme, i have updated it, but i will edit it tomorrow.,

    thanks for that?
    check here

  8. Sushmita Says:

    Hotfile is good . I also got my payment. Check here

  9. WorldofAnime Says:


    That's true exactly, I earned not much on the weekly basis but it help.

  10. bandeautankini Says:

    Thanks for this ...already register under ur name :) hope to cash some money from hotfile.

  11. New Song Lyrics Says:

    wew i thin i will try hotfiles too thx for your informtion dude

  12. rakesh Says:

    Hai i just wanted to know what is the minimum limit of the file size. Please help regarding this and i will be extremely thankful if anyone sends me a mail to

    Expecting for a positive response

  13. wisdom Says:

    Bad Luck! Hotfile is down presently.

  14. Mercedes-Benz Mobil Mewah Terbaik Indonesia Says:

    wow... You get payment proff again form hotfile?? nice....

  15. Says:

    See my achievements with adsense

  16. Puisi cinta Says:

    Too often bloggers take the time to write quality detailed posts like this and people fly back, absorb, and move on.I want to thank you for sharing this in depth knowledge with us. Hope you can keep up your blog and not fall into the 80% who eventually abandon their blog.

  17. nika Says:

    interesting to be a refferal under ur name

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