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Simple News Revolution Adsense Template

Simple News Revolution Blogger template is designed and bloggerized by Herdiansyah Hamzah. This template come with 3 columns in homepage and automatic to be 2 columns in post page. Simple News Revolution colorized with blue and white, fast loading and perfect to optimize adsense earnings. This is Another simple elegant adsense Blogger template for online news with google translate, Adsense Ready, Auto readmore and Dinamic Page.

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Zetix - Clean Minimalist Black Blogger Template

Zetix blogger template was new template for blogger designed by Newwpthemes, and has been bloggerized by dhampire. Zetix template comes with new features of Blogger, which are the "Read more" and "avatar" in the comments.
Installation :

Top Side Banner 468*60 :
You can change the image banner with your own adsense code or other advertising ad. Just find the red code below in your template and change it with your own Code.
<div class='span-12 last' style='padding-top: 10px; text-align: right;'>
<a href='#'><img src=''/></a>

Twitter :
Change USER_ID with your own twitter ID.
<li><a href='' title='Follow me on Twitter!'><img src='' style='margin: 0pt 2px 0pt 0pt; vertical-align: middle;' title='Follow me on Twitter!'/> Twitter</a></li>

Its done and enjoy the style.

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Bukan Coklat Blogger Template

Bukan Coklat Blogger Template is designed and bloggerized by Choen. Bukan Coklat is a beautiful blogger template and was not equipped with javascript, only playing with css/html. Bukan Coklat will appear more perfect only in newest browser, especially Firefox, because it used text-shadow that was the development from css3.

Feature :
2 Columns
Fixed width
Right sidebar
Rounded corners
After-jump/New Readmore Supported

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BloggerTube - The First Video Blogger Template

Have you see a blog using automatic video blogger template? Probably not! It's hard to believe but now it's all here, well done by awesome free premium blogger template designer, Dante Araujo. BloggerTube is the first blogger template using automatic thumbnail for video, easy post for newbie, well made design and all of that, bloggertube is FREE. Few days ago, we receive many updates from blogger team which some of it is After-Jump feature (Readmore like wordpress) and avatar enabled for comments. and now the latest gift for blogger use, Bloggertube premium Video Blogger Template.

Features on BloggerTube :

1. Automatic embedded video on post page (only paste URL link)
2. Automatic slider for the last featured videos
3. Automatic Recent videos widget (video thumbnail)
4. Automatic Thumbnail from Youtube (only Youtube URL)
5. Page Navigation
6. Three Column Video Posts

Demo | Download | Installation

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Advertise on Adsense Blogger Templates

Our blog is about web design, blog template, blogs tips related articles and resources. Interesting to advertise on our blog?
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468 x 60 Banners (Top Right Header) - Every Month (2 Space Available)
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Links within Posts
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Gallery Style Magazine Blogger Template

New blogger template designed and bloggerized by Bloggerthemes called Gallery has been released for free. Just like the name, Gallery Blogger template is perfect for your CSS showcase blog or wallpaper blog. This themplate come with 4 columns (3 columns main body with one columns right sidebar). The color is dark style. Try it below. Thanks to bloggerthemes.

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Many that were contributed by maths for the humankind development. The progress of science and growing technology today can't be archived without the role of math. It could be said that the main base science and technology were maths. That's all why math is one lessons that was given in every school in the world. And sometimes we find Free math help to help student to understand it.

Some people call math lessons was difficult to understand. For that reason many student need Math help to understand their problem. tutorvista come with perfect solution for all your Online math tutoring. Are you need a help with your algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics, linear programming or even discrete mathematics across K-12? Just go to tutorvista to solve it.

TutorVista is Free online math tutoring that you can access it from your own home PC. That's the perfect advantage you will gain from tutorvista. They have online Math tutors who are experts in the subject across K-12 and beyond. You don't need to go to some place to find your teacher. Just sit down and enjoy learning math from your own PC.

Generally TutorVista has the best Online math help resources to help the student to prepare in order to be able to face the change in the situation in the life and in the world that always developed everyday.

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Auto blog Blogger Template originally designed by Chocotemplates on CSS and has been bloggerized by deluxetemplates. Auto blog its an unique Blogger template for your auto related blogs. Possibly, Auto Blog Blogger template was the Great dark template for now. Surrounding by dark colour, and yellow make it more beautiful. Features of this templates is : 2 columns, left sidebar, dark, yellow, highway colors, auto, top menu links, search box. Check the demo below. Good luck with your auto related blogs.

Auto blog Unique Blogger Template

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What is file extension wps? That's the most question i found around the net. File Extension WPS is extension for Microsoft Works Word Processor Document. Microsoft Works is a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office. WPS files may contain richly formatted text along with tables, images, clipart etc.

So now we all know what's file extension wps. Next we need to figured out how to open file extension wps. Files with the .wps extension require Microsoft Works Works. But originally if you've installed microsoft office in your pc then you'll be able to work with file extension wps. If for some reason you were unable to open file extension wps, there might be corrupted or missing registry files within your system. For all practical purposes you should be able to open the files in Notepad if there are not too many of them. But, the problem come if file extension wps was too long. I suggest you to install Microsoft Works or some compatible program to avoid anything bad happened.

Good luck with your Work.

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Design Blog Blogger Template

Design Blog Blogger Template Designed in CSS by BFT and has been converted to blogger by deluxetemplates. Design Blog come with great design, 2 columns, right sidebar, simple, clear, and has dark background. The header image section is nice looking for blogger who love writing and writing. Try this template for free.

Demo | Download

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PDF has become the format file that was very general. Almost every time file document that was available in the internet used adobe pdf. And indeed PDF reader can easily be found in various operation systems and mobile phone. Slowly, PDF reader has become default feature on a mobile phone.

This PDF files was often used by us in various needs. For example we looked for the way to make paper, the task, and other work. And the normal method used by us was like to edit pdf, convert pdf to word or to read pdf format. All of this work need a special softwate that will work with pdf format. The problems come if we are trying to edit large number of page. We must have a good software to finish the work.

pdfconverted is your choice. The easiest software if you want to view, create or print your PDF documents. Benefit of using is you can Create PDF Files With a Click of a Button, Extract & Split Pages, Secured your PDF files, and all of that pdfconverted works with any platform (Windows, Macintosh, Linux). Download your pdf software for free and make your own Pdf files Within Minutes.

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Mainan Vintage Elegant Blogger Template

Mainan Vintage is originally designed by Internet Bingo and distributed by paddsolutions. The first impression from me for this template is AWESOME. Mainan Vintage is designed very well and really have an elegant style. Mainan Vintage come with 3 columns and right sidebar. The template has been bloggerized by bloggertemplateplace. Look the other great feature below,

Properties :

1. 3 Column
2. Right sidebar
3. Brown
4. Summary Readmore Hack Installed
5. Avatar Comments Hack Installed
6. Banner 125X125 area

Demo | Download

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