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3Grey - Clean Blogger Template

3Grey was originally a wordpress theme designed by skinpress and bloggerized by wpbloggerthemes. 3Grey is clean blogger template with 3 columns with 2 columns right sidebar, includes space for a skyscraper banner advert. The navigation bar comes in a dark blue to lighter blue gradient. If you would like to experiment with skyscraper adverts alongside your blog updates then take a look at this well designed theme. Avatar in comments and after jump feature are also available.

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BlueSense - Adsense Ready Blogger Template

WOW, good news, blogger. The high quality adsense theme designed by doshdosh has been converted to blogger by Bluesense template colors are perfectly blended with Adsense units on both homepage and single post pages for a maximum click through rate. BlueSense maybe looks like amateur, but i bet you'll have maximum click through rate. Bluesense Blogger template come with 3 columns with left and right sidebar.

Customizing Codes for the Adsense Units
Color codes for all ads except the link units

google_color_border = F0F6FB
google_color_bg = F0F6FB
google_color_link = 064B8C
google_color_text = 064B8C
google_color_url = 064B8C

Color codes for the link units

google_color_border = 064B8C
google_color_bg = 064B8C
google_color_link = ffffff
google_color_text = ffffff
google_color_url = ffffff

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Blue Zinfandel 3 column Blogger Template

Blue Zinfandel is a 2 or 3 column template originally designed by Brian Gardner for wordpress and bringing to blogger by WpBloggerthemes. Blue Zinfandel is clean and simple template designed for online newspapers, Articles or magazines.

Date Setting :
goto Layout > Page Elements > edit Blog Posts > change time format to long date (e.g Tuesday, June 23, 2009).
Remember, change time format NOT date format.

Menu Navigation
Find code below in your template.
<li class='page_item'><a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'>Home</a></li>
<li class='page_item'><a href='#' title='Posts RSS'>Posts RSS</a></li>
<li class='page_item'><a href='#' title='Comments RSS'>Comments RSS</a></li>
<li class='page_item'><a href='#' title='Edit'>Edit</a></li>

Enjoy New Simple template.
Demo | Download

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