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BloggerTube - The First Video Blogger Template

Have you see a blog using automatic video blogger template? Probably not! It's hard to believe but now it's all here, well done by awesome free premium blogger template designer, Dante Araujo. BloggerTube is the first blogger template using automatic thumbnail for video, easy post for newbie, well made design and all of that, bloggertube is FREE. Few days ago, we receive many updates from blogger team which some of it is After-Jump feature (Readmore like wordpress) and avatar enabled for comments. and now the latest gift for blogger use, Bloggertube premium Video Blogger Template.

Features on BloggerTube :

1. Automatic embedded video on post page (only paste URL link)
2. Automatic slider for the last featured videos
3. Automatic Recent videos widget (video thumbnail)
4. Automatic Thumbnail from Youtube (only Youtube URL)
5. Page Navigation
6. Three Column Video Posts

Demo | Download | Installation

7 Responses to "BloggerTube - The First Video Blogger Template"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    good template but its very good article about making money

  2. freetimes Says:

    Automatic slider for the last featured videos didnt work on my site why

  3. myegy Says:

    thanks for the best template over the internet...thank you so much.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    IT's a nice blog.... easy to download

  5. evergreen video Says:

    very nice blog template

  6. Blogmaster Says:

    myegy: Check the .js files all code links in your post, some of these libraries does'nt work since they do not load proberly from the remote sites, download the .js and upload them to your server, if u don't have one many can be gotten free, upload ur .js files and remember change all .js to where u uploaded the files on the web

  7. Ariey Says:

    good video template maked by dante download bloggertube v3 here..
    Download :Bloggertube v3

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