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What is file extension wps? That's the most question i found around the net. File Extension WPS is extension for Microsoft Works Word Processor Document. Microsoft Works is a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office. WPS files may contain richly formatted text along with tables, images, clipart etc.

So now we all know what's file extension wps. Next we need to figured out how to open file extension wps. Files with the .wps extension require Microsoft Works Works. But originally if you've installed microsoft office in your pc then you'll be able to work with file extension wps. If for some reason you were unable to open file extension wps, there might be corrupted or missing registry files within your system. For all practical purposes you should be able to open the files in Notepad if there are not too many of them. But, the problem come if file extension wps was too long. I suggest you to install Microsoft Works or some compatible program to avoid anything bad happened.

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