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Now i'll going to show you a new advertising network that accept blogger blog in their publisher partners. This time is Smowtionmedia. SmowtionMedia focuses on display ads and banners, so it's fully compatible with text and context links such as Google Adsense™ or Text Link Ads.

Monetize your site!
SmowtionMedia Revenues per 1000 impressions from bloggers & segmented by country and category (CPA, CPC or CPM). One things that's will make you more money is there is always ads displaying in your ads spot. there will be No More for "Advertise here" annoying text. For Payment options, You can choose between two payment methods: a check mailed to your home address or Paypal.

Affiliate program
Their affiliate program is Unique. You will earn 5% of your referred members' revenues for 6 months. And Your referred members will earn 80% of the revenue share.
What's make it unique? If you join with them directly without an affiliate links partner then you'll will earn 60% of the revenue share. If you join from my affiliate links then you'll earn 80% of the revenue share. Get it?

Now it's up to you. get 80% of the revenue share with my affiliate link here or get 60% of the revenue share here.

Personal opinion
1. if you're planning to be their publisher, then i suggest you to submit a blog with more traffic. I have a blog with originally about 100 visitor per day and 300-500 pageviews/day and they accept me.
2. Put it in your high traffic blogs and you'll make more money.
So try your luck with them.

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  1. tina Says:


    yes smowtion is good but these days they aren't paying any stuff , there is a new company which recently launched . A CPC / CPR / Wap / Inline Ad platform for Bloggers and Webmasters.

    earn from there refferal program also , each refferal you gave them you will earn 10% from there earnings.


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