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Looking for a way to earn money online?. Join Infolinks to start earn money from your blog’s content. Infolinks leads the In Text Advertising market with premium contextual ads. There’s no qualifications to join Infolinks. Get the highest revenue share for Infolinks PPC In Text Advertising.

How it works?. You’ll get paid if someone clicks at your infolinks in-text ad, believe me!.Infolinks ad loads faster than Kontera or AdBrite, but it still better to place the code at the footer. After signup, we can add infolinks in-text ad javascript to start earn money from infolinks. Or customize the link’s appearance. The integration of the code in the blog was very simple, just put the code in the template inside HTML body tag. That is it. No other changes required in the site.

There are two payments method, by PayPal and bank wire transfer. Receiving payments via PayPal is the best, I think. Because there’s no fees to receive payments.

Infolinks Affiliate Program
InfoLinks has their affiliate program which is not yet available to general public. You can contact their support to get it enabled for you. This program is really wonderful and out of the world. Here is the payment structure.

1. For a small publisher referred through you, you get paid $25.
2. If the publisher creates more than 10,000 impression per day, you get paid $100.
3. If the publisher creates more than 100,000 impressions per day, you get paid $1000.

Wow! that is really wonderful. Its not very difficult to find publishers with more than 10,000 page view (please note, its page view and not uniques) per day. Also, on an average I think you will get 1 in 25 publishers who will be getting more than 100,000 page views a day.

If you still haven’t join them, go ahead and give Infolinks a try. I am sure you will get the best.

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