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Convert Word (.Doc) File to PDF with Google Documents

Do you know that Google can convert your word (.Doc) File to PDF? If you are looking for converter tool to convert your word document to PDF file then try Google Docs.
Instead of buying new converter why we don't try to use this free feature. And if you're not happy enough then buy new converter. Here i'll try to show you how we can convert our Word (.Doc) File Into PDF using Google Documents.

Follow the Steps to convert your Word document file Into PDF.

1. Login to using your Google ID.
2. Upload your Word Document File To Google Documents
3. Now you'll see your opened file..
4. Click file and then click Download File as.
5. On Click Another Sub menu will Open then you Will Find various Formats Like HTML,Open Office,PDF,RTF,TEXT,Word. Now it depends on you which format you want for your File. As I used and file is now saved as pdf file and is now converted.
6. Check Out Above Picture For The Above Steps.

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