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Falkner Press Blogger Template

Have you tried FalknerPress Magazine Blogger Template? This template has been released by the awesome magazine blogger template converter that is bloggertricks. For the firs time i saw, FalknerPress really something Mind Blowing magazine Blogger template. But after i install it in my new blog there is some problem happened. After a long serching and trying, in the end i find the way the solve it.
Bandwidth Limit Problem.
The sript for slideshow already given in your downloaded file. All you need is to upload it to your hosting and change the links to point it to your new Script file URL. This is not the problem for those who own or pay for web hosting. Though you can still use free service that allowed HOTLINKING file. Is there another way to solve it? YES THERE IS!

Step 1. Find this script below in your template and delete it

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

<SCRIPT type='text/javascript'> var thumbnail_mode = &quot;no-float&quot; ; summary_noimg = 400; summary_img = 370; img_thumb_height = 125; img_thumb_width = 125; </SCRIPT> <SCRIPT src='' type='text/javascript'/>

We already removed that's 4 script from our template.

Step 2. Now add script below, and paste it ABOVE the </head> Tag.
Since the script was too long i've upload it to Mediafire. Just download it, Open it with Notepad and copy the whole scipt inside. Download links below.

Step 3. Save it and Done. You won't see any bandwidth limit anymore.

Layout Problem
I find this just on my screen. I don't know with you. My PC is 1024by768 Pixels. The layout don't fit properly with my browser. So i search for the problem and finally i found it. This can be fixed just by change one line in your template.

Step 1. Find this line below in your template.
#credit-logo {height:38px;width:160px;float:right;display:inline;margin-top:5px}

Step 2. Change the width to 202px. Look below
#credit-logo {height:38px;width:202px;float:right;display:inline;margin-top:5px}

Step 3. Save it and done. See your new Layout Live.

To see what i've done the look at HERE. Okay that's it. See you soon.

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