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Woahh. good news.. i get pagerank 2 from google. but i'm still confused. Some pagerank site checker show a different result, so i don't know if this is true or not. I just check my pagerank yesterday and i got PR 2. In seo stats, which is in the footer of this blog, it still show pr 1. But when i go to,, and, it show i got pr 2. There's even one site that show my pagerank still big zero. hahaha.... what a dumb site.

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Anyway, this is my first time i see some of my blog show pr 2, so i just happy.
Let me know if i am wrong. But just to see that can make me happy enough. Btw, there's more blogger templates to come. So stay tune and happy blogging.

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  1. google seo tips Says:

    last month, my PR is 2. Now, it same. very bad...

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