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Searching all around just to know the secret behind search engine. You know search engine is the most key for blogger to make money online. I'm trying to learn some Search Engine Optimization from all over the world and implemented it to a dummy blog. Just to know the effect of it. Here i'm not going to teach you how to make your blogger template more SEO. No. I'm not the blogger template coder. Here i can give you a completed list from where i learn it. I still haven't figured it out, though +__+.

Well if you have another list maybe i can add a link below...

1. Complete SEO Guide For Blogger Templates

2. Optimizing the use of H1 for a better SEO

3. Search Engine Optimization tips for Blogger Templates (Part 1)

4. Add a link Here...

So what you think?

7 Responses to "Complete SEO Trick For Blogger Layout"

  1. naina Says:


    By posting articles/links like these, are you planning to throw SEO companies out of business??


  2. Admin Says:

    haha... i just sharing what i thought might be useful for other blogger. I did'nt think about that when i post it.

  3. Siaar of Siaar Group Says:

    Good Work : Just see how to implement properly by just typing 4 lines you will not get seo go for long blogs.

  4. soben Says:

    thanks for thes tips. i hop i can make more trafik to my new blogger with this tips. thanks

  5. soben Says:

    thanks for this tips i hop i can make more trafic to my new by this tips

  6. Lucky Says:

    Nice Tips you have give and i will use them on my blog to generate more traffic

  7. Salil Says:

    I've got a sudden burst of traffic by implementing some quick tweaks on

    Found it really easy. You can write to me at and i'd be please to share the tweaks.

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