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There are so much competetion have been offered to you. Start from Free Web hosting, Package Hosting, Premium Web hosting with lot of things. It seems to be easy to choose a web hosting. Most of us only see the price and facilities offered. But outside of that there's a lot of things that should be the main consideration in choosing web hosting.

1. Price And Quality
It's more like if you want to buy a Digital Recording then you must pay as much as the price. If that's too good and then it must be high price. Same as webhosting just like that. You won't get a very High Quality hosting that maybe offered for free.

2. Unlimited? Impossible.
That's what i get. No one will get a full unlimited all of feature from web hosting. It will be possible when you own that hosting.

Yeah... That's all i get for now. Just want to write to fill this blog. Enjoy it anyway. If you want to buy a web hosting, then the quality must be at the same level as the price.

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