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At right top section, you can place your adsense 468x60, suitable for image type. Check featured post. You can place your best post, and put your adsense code. I recommend image adsense because it will appear like image post. Under navigation menu, you can set adsense list that will appear like menu. Author: Ipietoon

1. Three column at lower section
2. Automatic readmore function
3. Breadcumb navigation
4. Smooth navigation menu (using javascript)
5. Easy customize adsense section
6. Banner 125x125 section
7. Featured post, that you can wrap your adsense
8. Header logo

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  1. Cyberzilla Says:

    Hi Thanks for sharing this template. I'm using this in my blog

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This template is really a good work and provides us all basic requirements of a website!
    Business Design Templates

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