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Template Info:
- Google chrome blogger template
- Blue, orange, white dominant color
- Blockquote ready template
- 3 Columns, Google Chrome, Elegant, XML, Adsense Friendly,


2 Responses to "Google Chrome Blogger Template"

  1. Says:

    Thank you for sharing, all this templates are of extreme use for the bloggers.

  2. cewek Says:

    Before that, I apologize if my comments off the topic .. just get a solution to the problems that occurred on my blog ... template view my blog not being maximized to display via the browser chrome .... and only the main section applies only .. while in widgetnya + header still appears .... I also do not know whether this applies only in my browser [google chrome] or also in the browser chrome other bloggers ... please it's good in the preview at ] if there is among other bloggers who gave me the solution .. there may be benefits backlink from me for that problem ... thanks

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